A decade of agency life and its been fun.

April 2016 signifies eight years since iBox became a limited company – with another two years prior to that running as a sole trader. A decade of entrepreneurship has taught me many lessons and with every passing day to become a better leader, not to mention to meeting some of the most fantastic people in the UK.

It is with this in mind that as much as it will shock most people, the computer security consultancy business I founded a decade ago that grew into an ecommerce web design giant has come to an end.

We have been growing strength to strength and had a fantastic team of expert designers, developers and marketers that made us really shine as a beacon of hard work and what a small Derby business could achieve without the need for external funding, growing off its own successes and ultimately becoming a place many young people in the city want to work for.

Unfortunately it seems all good stories must come to a bitter end as we suffered from a client dispute which would end up costing us a considerable amount of money, more so than we would be able to recover from at our fast paced growth trajectory.

The final blow came when as a result of this tight spot we had fallen behind on keeping up with other aspects of the business leading to an eventual shortage of cashflow.

Having always had a very good success rate of winning over 75% of our sales pipeline I was convinced we could come back from this situation and move forward however it just wasn’t meant to be as cash is king and problems started to occur in the last 6-8 weeks.

Having taken a very serious look at the business, my team and having discussed this scenario with trusted friends and family I have taken the decision to make the team at iBox redundant and wind the business up.

I am deeply saddened that I am going to be leaving some people in a tight spot both friends and colleagues. My intentions are to do right by people the best I can.

For the clients and contacts I haven’t yet had a chance to speak with directly about this – please contact me via my usual work email or Linkedin to discuss anything current.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped the business over the last decade – every person from start to finish has contributed towards its successes over the years.


Derby as a city of entrepreneurship

Derby is a fantastic city, there is no question about that at all – we have the big players with Rolls Royce, Toyota, JCB and the like – but we also have some incredible creative industry businesses and small retailers around the city.

From the great team of at The Kitchen on Sadler Gate, triathlon wetsuit behemoth HUUB through to fantastic support from local legal powerhouse Flint Bishop & business coaching from Julian Smith – Derby has a selection of incredible businesses in and around the city that need more focus.

iBox leads the way for digital marketing, software development & ecommerce web design and in 2016 are focusing efforts on helping the businesses small and large of Derby to grow further, develop new marketing plans, improve their online sales, implement better software solutions and ultimately grow the local economy.

Hear some of my thoughts below on Derby as a entrepreneurial hub and how in 2016 our agency will continue to promote the city as THE place to live, work and play.