What motivates you?

“What motivates you?”  – I question I’ve been repeatedly asked over the course of my career.

Many exaggerate, whether for ‘bragging rights’ or because maybe it just feels that way – but now when I talk about the fact that for over a decade I ran my company by doing 100 hour weeks – if feels like complete and utter madness.

So, what motivated me… I can tell you it wasn’t the usual suspects, for me instead it was my addiction and I say that in the most literal definition. A way in which I could escape albeit ‘mask’ depression and through generating wealth I was depleting happiness and health at an equal pace.

The purpose however of this post isn’t about what I spent a large portion of my life on, rather it’s what I now spend the rest of my life doing. I left the agency life and 100/hr weeks behind upon discovering I was going to become a father. Which since then has been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, my depression will be with me forever I am sure of that however not a day goes by that I don’t look at my son and smile.

But when your son in a mere few months old and his mother, a woman who over the years put up with so much sh*t, stress, and pressures to allow me to grow and run my companies to the extent I did is diagnosed with cancer only a few months after giving birth – it puts the whole world into perspective even more so. Had I not decided to leave my workaholic life behind when I found out I was becoming a father, better believe I’d have done it upon hearing the test results.

Since removing the addictive drug that was ‘work’ from my life, I found myself almost transferring the addiction to other areas – namely health and fitness having completed recently a 40km bike race, 80km bike race, a 12km trail run and a half marathon for the incredible Safe and Sound Group.

The next stage however, is to thank Derby Royal Hospital and in particular the Breast Cancer Ward for their amazing efforts during this whole process. I haven’t picked a particular end date nor target, but I thought £5,000 should be a good starting goal and as such I will be doing a number of events over the next few months.

The next event I shall be taking part in is the HUUB Events Jenson Button Triathlon in Derby this July – if you can spare even a £1 it will always be appreciated – the greater the donation the bigger the impact you can help make and I am always grateful for those who can donate even the smallest amount.

Please, donate to such a wonderful hospital.

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